Origin LARP Dungeon Crawl

& Convention Experience


Navigate traps, magic and villains in the Origin Larp dungeon crawl! Parties will enter the dungeon and have only a limited time to achieve their goal and get out alive. Multiple stories will be run each day so be sure to come back every few hours for a completely different experience! Not feeling particularly combative? Take part in the Origin interactive convention experience by fulfilling quests throughout the con to earn treasure, prizes and more!


More info coming soon!


Origin LARP - Forge your Destiny


Friend & Foe Board Game Lounge


Take a seat and relax with a huge selection of free to play board games, excellent company and some of the best teachers in the business! Stay a while and learn a new game, hand out with your friends or make some new ones with their board game mixer events!


Stay tuned for more information on tournaments and other events from Friend & Foe!


Kira Kira Maid Cafe

Kick back in the Kira Kira Maid Café all weekend at Fandom Legacy Con. Good food, kawaii maids, great entertainment and, of course, spectacular service! Each showtime includes food and drink served by the Kira Kira Entertainment staff, along with dance performances and more!

Stay tuned for more information on theming, showtimes and events.


Catan National Pre-Qualifier Tournament

catan tournament graphic.jpg

Friend & Foe Board Game Café invites you to the Fandom Legacy Con CATAN national qualifier tournament!

The Qualifier Champion will win a guaranteed seat at the 2020 Catan US Nationals Tournament at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH, June 2020.

The Champion will also join the other Qualifier Champions and Catan Studio for a celebratory dinner on Saturday night of Origins.

The Catan US National Champion will be sent to the 2020 Catan World Championship in Malta, courtesy of Catan Studio.


Stay tuned for details!


Anime Orchestra Ensemble

AOE - Logo.jpg

Anime Orchestra Ensemble is a student organization that plays video game and anime music. We’re fans, just like you, and we want to share our passion for the anime and games we love through music! Join us as we play songs from all your favorites, both old and new. Some of the events that AOE will be a part of include the Masquerade Ball, the VIP Dinner, and the Fandom Legacy Jam Session.

Stay tuned for more information!


Friday Night Dance Party!

dj vee 1.PNG
AOE - Logo.jpg
Hip No Sister.jpg

Life is a party at Fandom Legacy Con! Join us for the Friday Night Dance featuring TekForce, the Anime Orchestra Ensemble Rock Band, Hip! No Sister, and DJ Veonix. We'll be partying non-stop from 8pm to midnight, so bring your friends and get ready to dance! 

Saturday Night Cosplay Masquerade Ball


Celebrate in style on Saturday night at our Cosplay Masquerade Ball! This event will feature a live four string quartet, and we will be dancing the night away from 9pm to midnight. No mask? No problem! Join us on Saturday from 10:45am - 12:15pm in the panel room to make your very own masquerade mask.

Arcade 92 Video Game Lounge


Kick back and get your game on in our video game lounge, hosted by Arcade 92! Game for hours in one of your favorite RPGs, or pop in and challenge your rival to a quick game of Tekken. With over 30 games to choose from, you are sure to find the right fit for you!

Saturday Morning Cartoons


Awake too early on a weekend? There is nothing that compares to sitting in front of your tv watching cartoons on a Saturday morning. Come join us in this time-honored tradition as we partake in several anime and cartoon classics. Please enjoy a delicious selection of cereal and milk while you indulge in Saturday morning cartoons.​