Be a Dealer

Our dealers provide quality merchandise, swag and collectables to keep you decked out and on top of your collections. Anime, gaming, sci-fi, roleplaying, tabletop, comics and fandom goods await you in our dealers room provided by our selective group of incredible merchants!


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Be an Artist

The artists of our Artist Alley work hard to bring you original content that you can’t find anywhere else. From their interpretation of industry leading characters to commissions of your own OCs, these men and women bring your visions to life!


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Submit a Panel

Fandom Legacy Con is made for the fans, and who knows what kind of programming fans want better than the fans themselves? We are bringing in panelists both new and old to provide you with the content you crave, and the audience engagement that lies at the heart of Fandom Legacy Con!

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Conventions don’t run themselves - we need your help! Our volunteers get training provided by experts, early access to events and free attendance to the con. Help make Fandom Legacy Con a reality, and get some free swag while you are at it!


Staff Application

Are you a super fan? Do you have experience you want to use to lead a new generation and continue the legacy? Do you have amazing ideas and a passion that is contagious? Join the staff team for Fandom Legacy Convention and see your ideas come to life!

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Sponsor Application

Fandom Legacy Con wouldn’t be possible without our industry partners and sponsors. In return we give you direct access to the most devoted of your fans and a voice to speak to them directly.


Professional Cosplay Application

Have you felt the hot sting of the glue gun? The sharp prick of the sewing needle? The delightful relief of taking a corset off after a day on the con floor? If you are a professional cosplayer that is ready to share your talents, experience and love for the hobby with your adoring fans then apply here to join our professional cosplayers!

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Press Application

Do you have the gift of gab? A sharp wit? Piercing insight? Are you part of a media outlet that is looking for more nerd content? Do you love talking to cosplayers, super fans, celebrities and staff? Apply here for media passes to Fandom Legacy Con!