Convention Clans

Welcome to Fandom Legacy Con’s Convention Clans Sorting Quiz!

Here you will take a brief quiz that will sort you into one of the 5 convention clans.

Your sorting will stick with you throughout your convention experience. There will be clan meetups, competitions, quests and much more at the convention, on the con Discord and in the convention social media! Clans will compete for points towards the Convention Conquest Competition where one Clan will be named the victor.

The Ascendancy

Members of The Ascendancy believe in shaping their reality through roleplay, cosplay, gaming and stepping into another skin from time to time. Change your reality – One world isn’t enough!

The Pathfinders

Members of The Pathfinders believe in exploration and experiencing new things. They love learning the lore and inner workings of everything they see and they thrill at the idea of discovering a new facet of their interests. Exploring new horizons – Knowledge is power!

The Enclave

Members of The Enclave believe in cooperation and community above all else. They thrive in the company of others as they learn about and celebrate with their community. Life is a party!

The Dominion

Members of The Dominion believe in comradery through competition. They learn about each other and deepen their bonds through combined struggle either as temporary enemies or steadfast allies. In it to win it!

The Consortium

Members of The Consortium believe in memory through collection. They collect experiences, friends, memories, souvenirs and mementos. The thrill of the hunt to add to their collection drives them. The hunt is on!