What is Anime Legacy?


Anime Legacy Meetup is about celebrating Japanese culture, anime, manga, games and cuisine in a one-day, monthly festival at the Order 66 Event Center. It is about meeting up with your friends from all over Texas and making new ones. It is about having access to a full-blown anime marketplace on a regular basis so you can complete your collections. It is about having a place to show off your cosplay and play in a wide variety of competitions for all sorts of anime fans. Anime Legacy Meetup above all is a celebration of the fans of anime and about bringing more people into the fandom than ever before!

Event dates coming soon.

Dealer's Room

Our Dealer's Room will feature the anime merchandise that you love. From prop weapons to collectible figures to Ramune and Pocky, we're curating a diverse range of anime dealers who will be selling a little bit of everything.


Cosplay Contest


Have you finally perfected that last bit of armor? Gotten your body suit to fit just right? Finished off that awesome 7-foot-tall prop weapon you have been working on? Did the lighting effects finally cooperate? Bring your achievement out for the world to see and be recognized as the amazing cosplayer you are at the Anime Legacy Meetup Cosplay Contest!

Anime Movie Night

Sit back under the stars with a warm blanket, a cup of hot cocoa and a box of pocky to watch one of your favorite anime movies on a large outdoor LED screen at our outdoor auditorium. Snacks, drinks, bean bags and blankets will be sold for maximum comfort and the best viewing experience.




Attendance to Anime Legacy Meetup is free and requires no registration! All you have to do is show up and have fun! If you want to see who else is coming or to get connected now, head over to our social media  groups for announcements, discussion, games and fun!


Ready to help the legacy grow? Apply now to be a vendor at our events! Each event costs only $50 to vend at per booth and gives you more consistent access to fans than ever before!


Partners & Sponsors


Our meetups wouldn’t be possible without our industry partners and sponsors. In return we give you direct access to the most devoted of your fans and a voice to speak to them directly.