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About Us

Fandom Legacy Con is a three-day multi-fandom event focused on attendee engagement, immersion, and building a community. Our focus is on you!  This convention is about the fandoms that bring us together and their legacy’s impact on generations to come. Every event will have some form of audience participation.

We are partnering with local and national groups to offer the best available roleplaying, gaming, crafting, collecting, learning, and competitive entertainment possible. Our dealer’s room and artist alley will be carefully curated to give you a wide variety of diverse, quality merchandise to choose from. The goal is that there is always something for everyone to do at the con, but the fun doesn’t start or end there. One of our goals is to make Fandom Legacy Convention a year-round way to compete, interact, make friends, and stay up to date on all your fandoms.


We look forward to seeing you at the Hyatt Regency North Dallas March 6-8th, 2020.


Live the Legacy!

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