March 6 - 8, 2020

Days until the convention



Once you set foot in the hotel you will be surrounded by other super fans. You will always be able to find a meetup to join, an event to attend or a place to just chill and take in the vibes of the con. We are transforming the hotel for the weekend into a nerd paradise!

All weekend, our Interactive Convention Experience staff from Origin LARP will be handing out quests and bringing people deeper into the convention

lore and experience. Character actors will be walking the halls in full costume pulling those who want to join the action. Interactive and immersive set pieces will line the halls and convention areas. Photographers will be patrolling the halls, ready to capture your favorite moments.


Every event will have some form of audience participation. We are partnering with local and national groups to offer the best roleplaying, gaming, crafting, collecting, learning, and competitive entertainment available. Our dealer’s room and artist alley will be carefully curated to give you a wide variety of diverse, quality merchandise to choose from, sold by friendly and helpful community members who are just as excited about the con as you!

With a maid café, video game and board game lounges, weekend long dungeon crawl and LARP experience, VIP lounge and several panels, contests and events running all weekend long concurrently, there will always be something to do.


People go to conventions because they want to be surrounded by their fandoms. They want to interact with other super fans! We are going to make it easier than ever to do that. We are providing all sorts of new ways to stay up to date on the latest news, meet new friends and keep in touch through a variety of well moderated social media platforms.

We will also help you meet more like-minded people than ever before with our new Convention Clans system! At the convention, and soon on the website,

you will be able to be sorted into clans based on your personality and what you want out of your convention experience. This clan structure is not rigid, but it will be an infrastructure designed to help you make the most of your convention experience before, during, and after the con. This clan system will be woven into many of the convention contests and it will underlie much of the convention experience!

We know that communities don’t thrive only seeing each other and interacting once per year. That’s why Fandom Legacy Con will be running FREE monthly fandom meetups to help the community come together as one!

About Us

Fandom Legacy Convention started back in 2009 when a group of friends got together and imagined a convention that had more. More adventure. More interactivity. More immersion. More community. These friends worked the idea and honed their skills, and now we are pleased to announce Fandom Legacy Convention 2020!

Fandom Legacy Con is a three-day multi-fandom event centered on attendee engagement, immersion, and building a community. Our focus is on you!

Taking place March 6-8th 2020 at the Hyatt Regency North Dallas in Richardson Texas, this convention is about the fandoms that bring us together and their legacy’s impact on generations to come!

Fandom Legacy is about going back to what a convention is meant to be: 

Friends getting together to get immersed in their favorite fandoms and interacting with their community and each other!

Location: Hyatt Regency North Dallas

701 E Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75081

Sophisticated Richardson hotels begin and end with Hyatt Regency North Dallas. Our location inside “The Telecom Corridor” affords business travelers access to award-winning convention centers, Fortune 500 companies, golf courses and easy access to areas like Garland, Plano and Frisco. Explore the outdoors when you are out of the boardroom and leave your car in the free lot for our convenient DART Red and Blue Rail.



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